Download date: 08/05/2008


Generalized System of Preferences for import of goods from developing countries – GSP

Published by the Directorate of Customs and Excise
Updated 02. April 2007. Part III - Coverage updated according to the 2006 version of the Customs Tariff


PART I (General information)

1- Background information

2- Conditions for GSP preferential tariff treatment

3- Developing countries for which the system is valid

4- Rules of origin

5- Consignment rule

6- Documentation of originating status - Proofs of origin

7- Requests for GSP-treatment at importation

8- Products covered by the Norwegian GSP-system

9- Other provisions (verifications and surveillance)


PART II (Rules of origin and proof of origin)

1-       Regulation on rules of origin, general provisions

2-       Introductory notes to the list of working and processing rules

3-       List of processing rules

4-       Appendix I. Certificate of origin Form A

5-       Appendix II. Invoice declaration

6-       Appendix III. Movement certificate EUR.1

7-       Printing Instructions - Movement certificate EUR.1


PART III (Scope of products)

1-       Scope of products (coverage)

2-       List 1: 100% reduction for "ordinary" GSP-countries

3-       List 2: 100% reduction of the industrial element for "ordinary" GSP-countries

4-       List 3: 15% reduction for "ordinary" GSP-countries

5-       List 4: 10% reduction for "ordinary" GSP-countries

6-       List 5: 50% reduction for "ordinary" GSP-countries

7-       List 6 A: Products subject to import surveillance by the Directorate of Customs & Excise

8-       List 6 B: GSP-products, subjet to import surveillance by the Norwegian Agricultural Authority, originating in countries appearing in the UN List over Least Developed Countries qualified for duty- and quota free market access when imported to Norway.

9-       List 7: List of exceptions for "ordinary" GSP-countries

10-    Annex I: Special conditions for products originating in Botswana and Namibia


Source: Norwegian embassies and diplomatic missions abroad

               The Directorate of Customs and Excise, PO box 8122 Dep., N-0032 OSLO. Telefax no.: -/47/22 86 02 24.